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Jam – Global Game Jam 2018

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Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam 2018 is upon us. The 26th to 28th of January we set of for another 48 hours of game development. An excellent time to learn and be creative with game making.

Whether new or experienced we all have something to gain from jamming. Something I always try to incorporate is the following.

  • Social – Take the time to get to know other game developers. Having a large network is key to getting into the industry.
  • Learn or improve your skill – Working for 48 hours you are bound to improve upon what you already know and hopefully pick up a few pointers here and there of what you didn’t.
  • Play – One of my favorite things with game jams is try out a new game mechanic or play around with tech you haven’t had the time to work with before.
  • Creative – Maybe the most important thing, but during a jam you can really stretch your wings and try something new in a risk free environment.

The interesting thing with most jams and Global Game Jam in particular is that the theme is not released until the start of the jam rendering it impossible to plan in detail what you want to create. However that is no excuse to come completely unprepared!

This link right here is a huge compiled list of resources that you should read prior to the jam. It contains everything from tutorials, free assets to everything your game developing heart desires.

Unity being one of the top sponsors of Global Game Jam 2018 have compiled a list of their own with Unity specific resources over here.

If you want to use Unreal Engine check out their resources from last year here.

Other options, well you just have to go to the website of your favorite engine and check to see if they to have some resources for you.