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Unity – Create your own game hardware with Arduino

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Who doesn’t want to create their own input device or output device for their game? Create the next Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution!

You can do this with the help of an Arduino! Create your own device and hook it up with Unity, sky’s the limit. Create a hand glove to control the hand in your game, a basic gamepad or why not display the players health with flashy LEDs?

Alan Zucconi, an independent developer has created a great tutorial for you how to code your Arduino to speak to your Unity game and vice versa.

Read the tutorial here.

Tutor: Alan Zucconi
Twitter: @AlanZucconi
Patreon: Alan Zucconi

Have you made anything awesome? Link to it in the comments or in the Facebook group here.

Besides implementing it yourself you have a few ready made assets on the Unity Asset Store.

This first one helps you communicate via Bluethooth

The ARDUnity Deluxe is the best solution artists and those who don’t want to get into the coding aspect of it.

The Uduino is made for simplicity and optimization.

Get a great starter kit with lots of Arduino compnents here.