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Unity – Play sound in your game

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What is a game without sound? You guessed it… Silent! We can’t have that now can we?

In this video tutorial from Brackeys you’ll learn the basics of playing audio in Unity, from background music to sound effects during different events taking place like on a collision.

Tutor: Brackeys
Youtube-channel: Brackeys
Twitter: @BrackeysTweet
Facebook: @brackeys
Google Plus: Red Line Games
Patreon: Brackeys

Want to learn more about implementing audio in Unity? Check out this highly rated Pluralsight course Unity Audio Fundementals. Learn multi-track audio, sound effects and Unity’s audio mixer.


Besides Unity’s own audio engine I can higly recommend Master Audio, I use it in all my projects, some of the features are:

  • Customizeable audio occlusion.
  • Weighted sound variations.
  • Mesh / spline audio – position audio source at the closest part of your colliders.
  • Automatic loading and unloading of audio from resource files.
  • And much much more.