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Unity – Slow Motion and Time Control

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When it comes to game mechanics time is something with not only fun to play around with as a developer but can create really interesting games. Just look at bullet time from Max Payne or SUPERHOT.

In this video tutorial for Unity from Brackeys he will show you how to implement a slow motion effect in your game. That is of course only the beginning. Within time you’ll be able to control time entirely.

Tutor: Brackeys
Youtube-channel: Brackeys
Twitter: @BrackeysTweet
Facebook: @brackeys
Google Plus: Red Line Games
Patreon: Brackeys

If you want full control of time in Unity and be able to:

  • Slow down or speed up your game
  • Pause
  • Rewind time
  • Do all of the above for individual objects
  • Create zones where time functions differently in the same level

Then I think Chronos from Ludiq is for you.