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Unreal – Advanced Minimap Tutorial

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In this video tutorial series Ryan will show you how to create an advanced minimap for your Unreal Engine game.

You will create a texture of your level and be able to place points of interest on it and use that for your minimap instead of using a second camera rendering your level twice.

Tutor: Ryan Laley
Youtube-channel: Ryan Laley
Twitter: @RyanLaley
Google Plus: Ryan Laley
Patreon: Ryan Laley

Part one – Creating the minimap and tying it to player movement

Part two – Add player icon and bind it to rotation

Part three – Add points of interest icons

Part four – Zoom your minimap or change the map mid-game

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  • secret reader says:

    WOW, this is awesome ! I always wonder how they made minimap that are very accurate in GTA5 and similar game .