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Unreal – C++ Multiplayer Mastery Course Review

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Unreal Multiplayer Mastery
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I recently completed the highly rated course Unreal Multiplayer Mastery – Online Game Development In C++ by Sam Pattuzzi.

Unreal Multiplayer Mastery Certificate

What you should already know.

Before taking this course you should have tried out to program a few shorter projects in the Unreal Engine with C++ so it is not for the absolute beginner. The more experience you have with Unreal and C++ the better but you don’t have to be an expert. This course is for the intermediate experienced programmer.

What you will learn.

The course is only 24 hours long but in that time you will learn a lot of how to create over the internet and local network games in Unreal in two different projects.

For the network part you will learn how to setup a local multiplayer game and then gradually making it work over the internet. First with the help of Hamachi and then by using Steam and the SteamWorks API.

You will not only learn how to setup so you can play with several people in your game but also some more advanced topics like how to handle cheating and account for LAG.

Besides the networking part you will also learn a lot about UMG, the UI system and how to hook that up to C++.

How will you learn.

You will learn by creating two different projects that gradually introduces or adds upon earlier concepts. The instructor Sam will also during the course give you challenges before stepping them through to make sure you get the most out of them.

What about the community.

This course is part of the community that in my mind by far creates the absolute best courses. They have a very active forum, facebook course page and Discord that you will get access to.

Final thoughts.

This course will really get you up and running fast. Sometimes you dwell a bit too deep into getting a nice UI for my taste but you can always download the instructors work from GitHub if you want to focus more on the network part.

You will learn a bit of how to architecture your code but I feel that part could be a bit more thorough so you learn more about what parts of Unreal should deal with what, how to architect your classes, but that part I believes also comes with a higher level of understanding the engine, something I’m very much still a beginner in.

So if this sounds interesting to you then go here and check out this excellent course.